Cash Energy - Maine Heating Oil Burner Service

Heating Oil Burner Service

At Cash Energy, we work hard to take the hassle out of heating oil delivery. This means keeping costs down and making the whole process simple for our customers, and one of the ways we do this is by only delivering oil - it's all we do. This lets us stay focused and keep prices down by avoiding all of the overhead costs and complexity of a full service department, parts inventory, and so on. We think that this is the best way to serve our customers - we can keep prices lower, and our customers can select whichever local service company that they like best.

As a way of helping our customers find great companies to service their equipment, we have teamed up with local companies in each of our service areas. You're welcome to use whichever company you like, but we know and trust the companies on this page and recommend them to you if you don't already have a regular service provider.

Greater Portland Area

In the greater Portland area, including Gray/New Gloucester, burner service is provided by Muller Heating & Plumbing. For service, call 883-0148.

Lewiston/Auburn and Augusta Areas

In the Lewiston/Auburn and Augusta areas, burner service is provided by Superior Energy Solutions. For service, call Steve Brochu at 576-0576.

Greater Bangor Area

In the greater Bangor area, burner service is provided by Harley Plumbing & Heating Plus. For service, call 990-2200.